Support of Army Training SystemArmy Training Requirements & Resources System (ATRRS)


The main purpose of ATRRS is to coordinate the training of soldiers for the Army. ATRRS is an online database that organizes training classes for all jobs and duties within the Army system. It determines what training programs meet the Army's goals and how many soldiers need to be recruited to fulfill the various job positions in the Army. In addition, the system sets up training class schedules, assures that the correct number and type of soldiers are in each class, allows soldiers to register for classes and monitors class attendance. The system helps the Army budget each year for different training classes based on the training needs for that year. After a training period ends, ATRRS helps the Army evaluate the program's success and what the Army can improve on for the next time.

Our Services

As prime contractor, ASM Research LLC, relies on Coley to help meet the essential staffing requirements of the ATRRS contract. Coley has successfully sourced, recruited, onboarded, and retained ATRRS Agents that support calls for a wide range of IT services, including: software, hardware, connectivity issues and requests for new services that vary in complexity.

Coley’s ATRRS Agents provide IT and application support, Web Application and programming support that includes new functionality and maintenance of legacy systems and technical and software support. Tasks include the modification of existing software code and generation of new software code, at the direction of the Project manager, as require to implement desired customer functionality.

Because of our ability to rapidly source qualified candidates and shepherd them through the rigorous onboarding process, ASM has come to rely on Coley for our staffing expertise.


The Army and ASM Research enjoy the following benefits of using Coley’s services:

  • Uninterrupted IT support to Army members across the country.
  • Rapid sourcing and recruiting of qualified IT candidates
  • Knowledge of and compliance with security requirements allowing for proper screening of candidates and quick adjudication
  • Knowledge of and compliance with Service Contract Labor Standards resulting in exceptional contract management and audit ready record keeping

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