Improving Veterans' Access to ServicesCustomer Relationship Management/Unified Desktop (CRM/UD)


The Veterans Relationship Management (VRM) program is a Department of Veterans Affairs enterprise-wide, multi-year initiative focused on modernizing its technology to provide employees with up-to-date tools that will enable them to better serve Veterans and their families.

For this effort, VRM is developing a CRM and Unified Desktop (CRM/UD) that provides a centralized view of 11 different VA systems, enabling VA Call Center personnel to respond more quickly and accurately to Veterans' questions while collecting and preserving the context of interaction with Veterans in order to better understand their needs.


The success of any new system implementation and acceptance hinges on the quality of employee training. During the early stages of CRM/UD development the VRM Program Management Office (PMO) relied on the systems integrator to build training for the new system. However, VRM PMO quickly realized that their best chance of rapid adoption and implementation would be to hire a professional learning solutions company that shared their passion for serving Veterans and had the experience and expertise needed to deliver high-quality training and performance support tools.


Because of our extensive knowledge of the VA training platform, culture, and development standards, Coley was selected by the VA VRM PMO to assist with the development of innovative, high-quality training to support the deployment of their new CRM/UD software.

As part of this effort Coley first created the training curriculum. Based on the curriculum, Coley has designed and delivered: Instructor-led training, web-based training; software simulations, training materials, guides, exercises and performance support tools.


The CRM/UD project has provided benefits to VA that include:

  • Provides multiple training modalities, including ILT, web-based, software simulations, and job aids that enables rapid adoption of New Technology
  • Improves VA Employees' productivity and performance
  • Improves VA service to Veterans and their families
  • Assists the VA in reducing Veterans' claims backlog
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