Improving Training Delivery for the VA IT WorkforceVA OIT IT Workforce Development (ITWD)


The VA OIT ITWD National IT Training Center provides synchronous and asynchronous training that can be delivered virtually as distance learning and on demand as web-based training. ITWD provides training to more than 8,000 IT Professionals across the VA without the need for training conferences or travel.


The VA OIT ITWD National IT Training Center sought a partner to develop training to support project management and acquisition management for IT related projects. The training needed to be offered in multiple modalities and performance support tools were needed to reduce cost and improve quality.


Because of our experience in designing and developing a wide variety of training modalities and our extensive knowledge of the VA training environment, Coley was selected to support OIT ITWD.

Coley supported distance learning using Live Meeting and has supported all aspects of course development, including course design, conversion, scheduling, piloting, and facilitating on a daily basis. Coley provides planning and scheduling support as well as training package design prior to the webinar being conducted. During the virtual training, Coley provides a facilitator, manages the presentation and conducts polls. After the completion of the virtual training, Coley creates reports and works with the ITWD staff to make updates to the course material.

Many of the courses are converted to on demand, online courses that are offered through the VA Talent Management System (TMS). Coley converts the virtual courses to 508 conformant web-based training for deployment to the VA TMS.


The ITWD project has provided benefits to VA that include:

  • Availability of both synchronous and asynchronous training options
  • Improves the quality of acquisition packages submitted to contracting for IT related projects
  • Quick access to critical job knowledge that improves performance and quality
  • Improves VA employees' productivity and performance
  • Helps reduce the need for training conferences or travel
ITWD Interface

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