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The National Service Desk (NSD) provides a central point of contact (POC) for enterprise-class Information and Technology service and support, as well as outage notifications and information dissemination for VA 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (24/7/365). The NSD function operates throughout VA and is spread out all over the country with many locations in support of VA staff. The need for continuity of these services is identified as “Highly Critical” in the organization’s Emergency Operations Plan.

Our Services

As prime contractor, ASM Research LLC, relies on Coley to help meet the major staffing requirements of the contract. Coley has successfully sourced, recruited, onboarded, and retained National Service Desk Agents that support calls for a wide range of IT services, including: software, hardware, connectivity issues and requests for new services that vary in complexity.

These positions fall under the purview of the Services Contract Act and require close monitoring and management to ensure compliance with Department of Labor laws and guidelines. Additionally, security clearances are required of these positions and all candidates must go through an adjudication process prior to being placed. Coley has successfully managed and complied with all SCA and Security requirements of the contract.

Because of our ability to rapidly source qualified candidates and shepherd them through the rigorous onboarding process, ASM has come to rely on Coley for our staffing expertise.


The VA National Service Desk and ASM Research enjoy the following benefits of using Coley’s staffing services:

  • Uninterrupted IT support to VA team members across the country, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (24/7/365)
    • Rapid sourcing and recruiting of qualified IT candidates regardless of location
    • Knowledge of and compliance with security requirements allowing for proper screening of candidates and quick adjudication by VA
    • Knowledge of and compliance with Service Contract Labor Standards resulting in exceptional contract management and audit ready record keeping

We look forward to helping your organization achieve greatness.

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