Mentoring Program Delivers Superior Leadership Development Outcome Mentoring and Assessment Tools for the Veterans Benefits Administration Leadership Development Program


As part of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), Leadership Development Program, VBA conducts an annual national leadership program where its participants receive training and support needed to promote lifelong learning and is a key component in VA’s MyVA initiative and leader development. Mentoring and assessment tools is a critical element of the program that enable program participants to evaluate their leadership strengths and developmental needs.


Coley is providing facilitation of a virtual mentoring portal and the coordination of mentor relationship training and materials designed to provide mentors and mentees with the information, expectations, and assessment tools used to build strong mentoring partnerships and enhance their professional development. Our services are vital to the execution of a VBA virtual mentoring program to enhance employee engagement and leadership development.

Coley leveraged its extensive mentoring experience and practitioner knowledge to create engaging and effective “Best Practice”, session(s). These sessions were used to orient participants into the dynamics involved in mentoring and to help establish the strong foundation for their mentoring partnerships.

The six one-day “Mentoring Best Practices” training sessions included an orientation to provide mentor/mentee pairs and applicable staff detailed information about the mentoring program as well as mentoring related topics and training materials addressing the VBA critical success factors. Various personality assessments (360, DISC assessments) were used to engage and assess the levels of growth for the participants

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