VA Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation & Operational Readiness (VECTOR) – VA119A-17-D-0165

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) VECTOR IDIQ contract will provide VA program offices and their customers easy access to Coley’s critical market-based skills to augment their internal capability. Collectively we will directly support the VA’s strategic goals, priorities, and initiatives.

Contract Number: VA119A-17-D-0165

Why Choose Coley?

Coley brings together the right blend of talent, relevant experience, and complementary skills that enable us to exceed requirements within the following VECTOR Service Groups.

Service Group 1 – Management and Improvement

Coley will provide services as they relate to program and project management, strategic planning, performance measurement, quality measurement, business process reengineering, business process improvement, and business process management, and change management and transition.

Service Group 3 – Training

Coley will design, conduct, and evaluate training in support of projects and programs.

Coley has successfully developed and delivered multimedia SCORM- and Section 508-compliant projects, utilizing web-based; streaming video/audio; disk-based, animation and simulation, and other instructional/informational products.

Service Group 5 – Supply Chain

Coley will provide services as they relate to the discipline of supply chain management concepts to include process improvement, cold chain management, delivery and storage of goods, and cost benefit analytical studies

We look forward to helping your organization achieve greatness.

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